Cake Sheffield

Arts Collective

Among the already established institutions of the Sheffield art scene, CAKE was initiated to propose an alternative space for discourse, events and exhibitions. Therefore, when defining this identity, it was essential to represent the values of a inclusive collective. Part of this challenge was to devise a bold system that was coherent across different contexts, yet still prove flexible.

Each element in the visual identity has set rules to follow in order to enable the wider aesthetic to function: At the centre of each poster is the event title, always one syllable long, promising a punchy, dynamic focal point. This title cuts into the image, which consistently exists inside a large circular space from application to application. The role of colour features exclusively through this art, with bright monotone images contrasting the otherwise greyscale design system. Remaining typographic content drops into a modular grid, in which elements balance, align, overlap and bounce off each other compositionally.

For the logo and titles stencil type was used for its informal yet powerful nature. Varied weights were drawn based off the infamous Glaser Stencil font, using round edges to appear more contemporary and optimistic in tone.

Logo analysis
Custom Stencil Typography
SPOT - Monthly programme poster
Image & colour application
Event titling



MASH - Event poster
SOUP - Event poster
SLAM - Event poster