Toronto Interior
Design Show

Tas Design Build

As cities develop, both community and industry are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to adapt to the ever changing state of urban life. For the 2012 Toronto Interior Design Show, user-centric developers Tas Design Build created a context in which to explore these possibilities. Taking eight shipping containers, a selection of designers were each commissioned with the task of realising what can be achieved within these confines.

Takeaway posters outlining the vision and manifesto of Tas Design Build were made as part of this installation. Three different illustrations feature – representing the cultural, historical and transport roles of the urban scene. The structure of design remains the same as it repeats across one poster to the next in bold, fluorescent ink.


Illustration by Dave Murray. Photography by 1. Arash Moallemi, 2. Michael Graydon and 3. Richard Picton.




Front of the three takeaway posters
Manifesto on the reverse side of the poster
Tas Design Build - How Do you Live? exhibit¹
Mason installation²
Quadrangle installation³
Jill Greaves installation¹